Rope Access

For all difficult to reach tasks

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Access Unlimited is able to provide rope access technicians for projects where work is required at height, in confined spaces, or where access is difficult.

We are able to perform a wide variety of tasks with low levels of site disruption. Our rope access technicians are qualified and experienced in industrial rope access techniques and work procedures.

  • Mechanical & electrical installations
  • Non destructive testing
  • Core sampling
  • Surveys & structural reports
  • Geotechnical services
  • Painting
  • Blasting
  • Re-sealing, caulking
  • Concrete repairs
  • Installation of fall arrest systems
  • Installation of signs, cameras, lights etc
  • Rescue/Standby Teams
  • Temporary Fall Arrest Systems

Asset Inspections & Maintenance

Access Unlimited is at the forefront of the transition from traditional methods of repair and maintenance to providing rope access.

Works that may have been postponed due to the high cost of traditional access methods can now be performed using cost effective and flexible alternatives.

The Major Benefits of Repair and Construction Using Rope Access Techniques:

  • Dramatically cheaper when compared to scaffolding or swing stage
  • Quick and flexible working time with trade qualified operatives offering a professional service