Brand - PETZL


PETZL is one of the leading brands for height safety, rope access and confined space equipment and accessories. Their products are extremely well designed, strong and very reliable and capable. This makes them the first choice for many professionals in the industry.

Access Unlimited stock an extensive range of PETZL products and can organise ordering of any item from the PETZL product catalogue:

  • Petzl Helmet Buckle Replacement
  • Petzl Caritool Tool Clip
  • Petzl Shoulder Bag
  • Petzl Ring Small
  • Petzl Ring Large
  • Petzl Footape Foot Loop
  • Petzl X/LARGE Screw Gate Steel Black 40
  • Petzl Toolbag 2.5Ltr
  • Petzl Spelegyca Safetyline C44
  • Petzl Toolbag 5Ltr
  • Petzl Looping 4 Step
  • Petzl Bucket 25L
  • Petzl Absorbica L57
  • Petzl VIZIR Eye Shield - Clear
  • Petzl Roll Clip Karabiner Triple Lock
  • Petzl Croll Chest Ascender
  • Petzl VIZEN Faceshield
  • Petzl Vizir Shaded
  • Petzl Bucket 35L
  • Petzl Rescue Pulley 36kn Single
  • Petzl Progress Adjust I
  • Petzl Ascension Yellow Right Handed
  • Petzl Pantin Right Foot Ascender
  • Petzl Progress Adjust
  • Petzl Ascension Black Left Handed Pixa 3 Head Lamp Petzl (Black/Yellow) 
  • Petzl Swivel P58L 
  • Petzl Swivel Open 
  • Petzl Alveo Best 
  • Petzl Alveo Vent 
  • Petzl Vertex Best 
  • Petzl Micro Traxion 
  • Petzl Vertex Vent 
  • Petzl Micrograb B53 
  • Petzl Microcender B54 
  • Petzl ProTraxion P51A 
  • Petzl Rig Descender Gold 
  • Petzl Grillon Lanyard 
  • Petzl Rig Descender Black 
  • Petzl Grillion Lanyard with Hook
  • Petzl Absorbica Y 80cm w/MGO 
  • Petzl Absorbica Y 150cm w/MGO 
  • Petzl Industrial Descender ID L 11.5-13m 
  • Petzl Industrial Descender ID S 10-11.5m 
  • Petzl Grillon MGO 3mtr 
  • Petzl Jag Mini-Haul System 
  • Petzl ASAP + 20cm ASAPsorber 
  • Petzl ASAP + 40cm ASAPsorber 
  • Petzl ASAP + Absorbica 
  • Petzl ASAP Lock + 40cm Absorbica 
  • Petzl Volt Harness 
  • Petzl AVAO Bod Harness 
  • Petzl Avao Bod Fast Harness 
  • Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast Harness

Access Unlimited carry an extensive range of spare parts and we can service your equipment if required. We also offer full operator and product training for your staff at our custom designed training centre, or at your site.

If you would like to buy PETZL products then you can order online, by phone, or visit our shop and training centre located in Malaga, Perth.

Our shop is located at 33 Action Road, Malaga, Western Australia 6090. Our trained and knowledgable staff can assist with any questions you may have.

Access Unlimited are WA's leading suppliers of rope access, gas detectors, height safety, confined space and rescue equipment.

Ph: +61 (08) 9248 4088 | Fax: +61 (08) 9248 9422

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Access Unlimited are leading stockists of height safety products and confined space equipment. Buy these products from our online store or call us if you would like to hire any items. We are pleased to stock top brands including PETZL, BW Technologies, DBI Sala, BTS Beaver Technology Services, Ferno, CT Climbing Technology, Kask, Skylotec, Sayfa Systems, Branch and many more.